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The main benefit of a real Electrical Maintenance schedule that is professionally executed is Fire prevention. Period. The reality that fire prevention is the underlying calling of every professional electrician hit home for me about 25 years ago. I took an insurance adjuster call to go to a home and confirm that power had in fact been disconnected after the previous evenings fire. The dwelling was still smoldering. Polyester clothing of the day had melted and fused together, still hanging in what was left of the closets. The "Christmas tree" (18awg) extension cord that plugged in a space heater (obvious cause of the fire) had completely melted. I rounded a corner in the mostly charcoal structure and came face to face with a 5 year old girl holding a singed doll close to her chest; small tears slowly running down her soot covered cheeks. She and her family had been fortunate - nobody died in that fire, but I was forever changed. Fire prevention matters. Electrical professionalism matters.

Our industry is self policing by design. Let's face it - nobody else could. Engineers peer review each other for competency as well as assist with code development and design standards.

Electrical Contractors are charged with an obligation to continue their education - in many states mandated - and join associations to assist with this. They also work closely with manufacturers in choosing products for the safest design and installations. They too assist with code development and design standards, typically through their contractor associations, like NECA.

Fire department Inspectors and Marshalls work closely with both electrical and building code agencies and associations to develop fire safety standards for new construction. I once had a Fire Marshall tell me that every fire code section they had was written because of somebody's death.

Electrical Inspectors peer review each other within their jurisdictional municipalities and tend to do so very professionally. They and their organizations also assist with code development and design standards.

Manufacturers are very proactive in trying to be ahead of the curve where fire safety is concerned. The first to market with a safer this or that cashes in first, right? Naturally they have a seat on the code making panels relating to products.

The NFPA - National Fire Protection Association - is charged with pulling all of these electrical disciplines together and producing a new version of the NEC - National Electrical Code - every three years. This Electrical code is considered Minimum design and installation standards for our industry.

Where we have failed, and failed miserably, is in the area of education. We do an almost acceptable job providing education for ourselves, but in the real world it's Buyer Beware! What is common sense to us is often overlooked in peoples' businesses and homes. Sure, there are warnings to be read, and we in the business wonder why anybody would plug a 1500 watt heater into an outlet using a tiny 18awg extension cord, but we really know the reason. Very few people think about fire safety and the extension cord only cost 99 cents. How's that for full circle?

We will give you tips for inclusion in your home / business fire safety plan and maintenance schedule. For reading this philosophy of mine all the way through you will recieve a 25% discount on your first service call. Simply type "help us" into the subject line of your contact us email or tell us when you phone.



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